Service mode

Customer Support

AMPCO provides on-site or remote technical support and services, and provides quick service and parts claim within the warranty period.AMPCO set up health records for the equipment , care about the running status of the customer's equipment, and provides warning remind for the maintenance of the equipment.In the near future,AMPCO will establish a 24H service hotline,andonline intelligent monitoring system.

Spare Parts

AMPCO and your local dealer provide the genuine parts, but the non-genuine parts used during the warranty period will cancel the warranty guarantee.The local dealer has established the necessary inventory of spare parts, so that the customer can get the parts quickly and shorten the equipment downtime.AMPCO carry out parts promotion unscheduled every year to our customer, and encourage customers to store necessary parts.


According to different demands, AMPCO undertakes different training subjects for dealers and customer, such as customer operation and maintenance, service engineer's maintenance technology, senior service engineer's troubleshooting, etc.AMPCO plans to hold several service technical seminars every year.


AMPCO provides overhaul and renew of old equipment as well as technical upgrade.AMPCO will build a platforms for used equipment and parts trade.